Lisa Park SoYoung is a scholar and a new media artist who also dabbles with organizing art events and exhibitions. Her art practice, events/exhibitions, and general life experiences propel her academic research, and are also interfaces through which her research can be reflected back into our everyday world. She is currently completing her doctoral thesis at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.

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My current research project reflects on how the metaphysical worldview that emerged and reverberated throughout east Asia since antiquity still influences us in their silent manifestations. However, this alternative modality of being and acting in this world are often misunderstood or occluded from discussion in dominant narratives both within and beyond academia. This is observable in the construction of concepts such as techno-orientalism, or when relational emphasis is flattened as primer for authoritarianism. I thus envision experimental art praxis as action research platform to manifest, examine, analyse, and experiment with these propensities that have been misunderstood or eclipsed under the purportedly "universal" ontological vantage point. By establishing communities of artists and intellectuals to generate interdisciplinary discourses on the subject matter, this research hopes to expand the interpretive frameworks for reading both individual art praxis and the contexts within which they unfold. The key objective is to advocate for ontological plurality by engaging art as an intuitive and relational mechanism, that can help investigate existing issues and help speculate alternative future possibilities that are better aligned with today's culturally hybrid reality.

As an artist, I've been inclined toward building “useful” art works that border between art, play, and functional objects by devising mobile apps, physical installations, participatory performances, and web projects that are based on user-contributed data, sounds, and interactions.

I'm interested in us and the way we create our today and tomorrow through series of intentions, non-intentions, accidents, and coincidences that colour our subjectivities, which we use to feel, perceive, and construct the world around us. Art, to me, is essentially an intuitive system that allows us to better understand ourselves and the world we inhabit, as well as a laboratory where new future possibilities can be imagined.