Performing Hypo-linguistics (2016)

Performing with Minka Stoyanovic at ISEA2016

Is there a potential language below language? ...below consciousness? ...beyond the sign? What are the post/para-human potentials for language beyond linguistic signification, below the level of consciousness? What can the subconscious communicate, and what might such communication look like?

Performing Hypo-linguistics considers these questions through its proposition of a technologically mediated, cyborg communication and collaboration system. In this system, traditional linguistic concepts/objects/materialities are impossible to relay. Furthermore, neither performer can enact conscious control of the system. Thus, each performer must rely on the instinctive reactions of their subconscious state to provide ambiguous, but instantaneous feedback to the other. Hence, the system proposes a communicative feedback loop beyond (and below, more visceral than) the consciously mediated realm of linguistic representation.

Neural Science, through the discovery of mirror neurons -- neurons which mimic in our brains the mental state of the other -- allows us to imagine the possibility of a para/hyper-linguistic system that is perpetually engaged, but inaccessible to our conscious minds. As we see in Abramovic’s Mutual Wave Machine, these neurons drive a perpetual process of synchronization. However, they also imply a form of communication -- a constant state information transfer occurring just below our sense-experience. It is this communication that we seek to hijack and to hack. As such, we hope to create a harmonious discourse that reveals our distinctly human potential for collaborative evolution. Performing Hypo-linguistics proposes an alternative enunciation of a pre/post-linguistic signification system that is realize-able only through the human-as-cyborg.






reverberation (2015)

A little experiment reacting to live noise performance by Rainsex @ noise=noise HK 2015 August 7

The improvised noise experiment fills the space with its untamed sonic presence. Reverberation is a VJ-ing mechanism that renders the brainwave of the artist reacting to the sound generated by the noise performer. The visual rendering of the artist's spontaneous reaction to the soundscape creates a total environment that encapsulates the audience within the sound-visual loop created through the artist's brain as an interface.





Bedtime Story (a modern fable)
Open Sky Project (2015)

The happy and well-trained character Chitti explores the paradox that lies between shared moral values and the reality of the rapid and systemized urban lives, in which the ever increasing pace and expectations inevitably knock our values off-center. Is it the system, or is it the raw survival instinct embedded in us that keeps us tirelessly spinning the wheel of life?

As a part of Open Sky Project, Bedtime Story will be on show on the massive 77,000 sqm LED facade of ICC (Tallest building in HK) every night from 7:45pm throughout the month of September, 2015.





noise_between_us (2014)

noise_between_us is a participatory performance and media installation, built as a space and a mechanism that facilitates unspoken conversations and the play between one human being and another.

The main ingredients of this piece are the pre-conscious, physiological pulses we emit as a basic signs of living, as well as the relationships we weave into existence through every minute collaborative gestures we make.

One simply needs to enter the dome, grab a heartbeat instrument to generate shapes and sounds that correspond to their own pulses. Participants can also modulate the audio output by changing the instrument, pitch or the volume of their sonic contribution, and such dynamics facilitate playful interactions between participants as they share and mix the electronic representations of their heartbeats with one another. Brainwave sensors and air piano instrument also allows for anyone to join in, to add to this impromptu performance.

On the projection console, the visual representations of the intermingling heartbeats are woven together and amassed into rotating, concentric circles, and the invisible exchange of the energy between one person and another becomes articulated into light.

Noise_ between_us renders into focus, the invisible symbiosis of intermingling subjectivities that define and expand one another through our everyday interactions. The live, audio-visual simulations of the intangible exchanges generate myriad possibilities of self-reflection as one watches oneself participate in this unusual game of play in an unusual space of conviviality.

How does it feel to be immersed in the sound generated by a stranger’s heartbeat? And where do we draw the line as to how much is too intimate to feel comfortable? Where does the intimacy end when you map a physiological pulse into the ones and zeroes?





HowAreWeDoing (2014)



Customized frame
Mobile Application (Data collection)

hawd write up

HowAreWeDoing was conceived as a collective data gathering project and a visual exploration of contemporary work/life patterns across the world.

The mobile application captures participants' work/life data for personal reflection as well as to contribute to the online & offline work.

Image shows the prototype of the work exhibited in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in May 2014.





UNTITLED_2014 (2014)

Untitled_2014 is an experimental sound performance that is composed from the audiences' secrets received via SMS, along with my heartbeat captured through a glitchy heartbeat sensor.

The idea is to create a moment where a complex web of emotions can be created, up above in our individual mind spaces. Listening, imagining and wondering whose secret is being whispered each moment, a mixture of emotions echoes through each secret revealed. It is this experience of shared (yet not shared) secrets Untitled_2014 wishes to achieve.











TAT(Truth is At least True) (2005)





TAT(Truth is At least True) (2006)




TAT is an interactive video installation that invites participants to offer themselves as a subject for surveillance.

When a participant walks into the confessional booth, the video generates a random question for the participant to answer. The video feed is broadcasted around the corner from the booth, whereas the participant can choose either to broadcast the audio that actually contains the secret, or to keep the mic disconnected.

All participants get a Hershey's Kisses as a token of appreciation.

TAT was exhibited at Centre for Fine Arts at York University (Toronto) and at [The Aesthetics of (In)Security: A Workshop on Security, Knowledge and Art] held at the York Centre for International and Security Studies in 2006





Talk to me (2003)





Talk to me is an interactive installation that gets triggered by the presence of a participant.

As urban population continues to grow, we are pushed to co-inhabit in a closer-than-desired physical proximity to one another on a daily basis. In reaction to this overcrowding, our minds become ever distant in an attempt to filter out unnecessary interactions - we are amongst one another yet so alone.

So we go on into the virtual world - where one can control and select the interactions we wish to have, in the safety of our own space, in the safety zone behind the screen.